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The Wandering Community

Our coliving/coworking retreats are designed for people who have left the traditional office environment and are able to work independent of location or are moving towards this lifestyle. We bring digital nomads, online entrepreneurs & freelancers together for 3 weeks of learning, sharing and exploring in a bucket-list destination. This workation enables our Wanderers to travel, work and live with inspring nomads from around the world.

Upcoming coworking retreats

Bali: Oct 2020 Cape Town:Nov 2020/March 2021 Vietnam: March 2021 Bali: May 2021 Las Palmas: Aug 2021 Morocco: Sep 2021 Tbilisi: Oct 2021 *Applications close 45 days prior to start date

What's included?

✓ Accommodation (Private or shared) ✓ Co-working space access ✓ Masterclasses & Skillshares ✓ Volunteering opportunities ✓ Networking meetups ✓ Calendar of social activities ✓ Dedicated retreat coordinator ✓ Join the Wandering Community ✓ Welcome dinner ✓ Airport pickup ✓ 24/7 support

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Meet inspiring people

When you join a retreat, you join a community of digital nomads, entrepreneurs and freelancers from all over the world. You become a Wanderer, and join a family you will be a part of for life. Explore a new city together, learn from each other and share the skills you've attained that allow you to live this lifestyle. Make friends that will last a lifetime, find that co-founder you've been searching for or grow your network of connections that span worldwide.

Explore bucket-list destinations

Why wait for your minimal annual leave to see the world. Wander with us and work remotely in destinations you've dreamed of. From going on a safari in South Africa to doing yoga in the jungles of Bali, we can promise you will have an unforgettable experience. We also include group excursions that tick off these bucket-list items as well as offer extra's if you're keen to see it all!

Coliving & Logistics

At each destination we source the best accommodation options, either in villas or modern apartments. The accommodation is always fully-equipped and has fast WIFI so you can work from home if you like. We also welcome you at the airport and ensure all logistics are taken care of. There is a jam-packed calendar of events that you can particpate in if you like - everything is voluntary. You do you!

Stay productive & keep learning

Get full access to a co-working space nearby and stay productive while living in a new city. We also include masterclasses & skillshares so you can grow your skills and network with Wanderers on and off the retreat. The co-working spaces also offers networking and social events, so there's always something to take part in.

Upcoming Coworking Retreats

View our upcoming digital nomad retreats for 2020

3-25 October 2020


Beaches, Jungles, Yoga

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Cape town retreat
7-29 November 2020

Cape Town

Beaches, culture, African wildlife & techhub

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How to join?

Apply to join

If you are a remote worker, decide which retreat to join and head to our APPLY page to submit your application to join.

Application review

We'll review your application and ensure you fit the profile of a remote worker. We'll be in touch and you can ask us any questions you may have.

Secure your spot

You're in! It's now time to secure your spot on the retreat and make your booking. Your retreat coordinator will link you to the retreat and you can proceed to booking.

Being remote is the new normal

When most businesses work online, being in the office 9-5 just doesn't make sense. Working remotely has become part of company culture and this flexibility allows you to alter your lifestyle and start wandering. From jungles to beaches and cultural hotspots you've longed to see, we make it possible to travel and work while joining the ever growing wandering community.

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