The Top Digital Nomad Events 2019

We’ve compiled a list of the top digital nomad conferences/events in 2019. From nomad cruises to online summits, we have it all. Check out the list below and see how many events you will be able to attend this year.

April 2019

The Remote Work Summit

Dubbed the largest online remote working conference, this event will showcase 14 industry expert speakers from around the world. Watch from anywhere in the world, no need to travel. The mission of the summit is to help people embrace the remote working life and get them the job of their dreams. The event will be free, all you need to do to join is sign up.

Dates: 16-18 April 2019

Location: Online

Tickets: Free. Register here.

June 2019

DNX Festival

For all our German-speaking wanderers, DNX will be hosting a huge Digital Nomad conference in Berlin in June.It is expected that there will be over 1300 digital nomads in attendance & the event includes 20 top keynote speakers and over 20 workshops to attend. Meet fellow nomads and exchange ideas and opinions. Network and make new friends.

Dates: 8-9 June 2019

Location: Berlin

Tickets:  from €197 Get your ticket here.

Running Remote

The world’s largest remote working conference, Running Remote, will take place in Bali this year. Known to be a digital nomad hub, Bali will be buzzing with entrepreneurs and creatives during the month of June. Join 500+ founders & CEOs from over 40 countries and listen to top speakers, helping you learn all there is to know about running a remote business and joining the remote revolution.

Dates: 29-30 June

Location: Bali

Tickets: from $649 Get your tickets here


The travel media landscape is constantly changing. This three-day conference will connect you with industry leaders, influencers, and celebrated writers through keynote speeches, small group writing, and photography workshops, breakout tutorial sessions, and industry panels. You will learn what’s working in today’s competitive travel industry, timeless business practices, and the skills you need to succeed as a creator.

Dates: 27-29 June 2019

Location:  Boston, Massachusetts USA

Tickets: from $399 Get tickets here.

Nomad Misfit Month

This month-long event is not your typical conference and is aimed at all those digital nomads that don’t quite fit it. It’s a community-based event and aims to attract digital nomads, remote workers & entrepreneurs of all levels, those just starting out to those that have been location independent workers for many years. There will be a welcome event so everyone can mingle and the rest is DIY. There is a Facebook group so everyone can get to know each other (view here) and organize meetups. Everything is also completely free.

Dates: June 2019

Location: Berlin, Germany

Tickets: Register here for free.

September 2019

Remote Leadership Summit

The aim of the Remote Leadership Summit is to tackle some of the biggest challenges of remote work, e.g. trust, leadership, collaboration, or team building. Participating remote leaders are exposed to useful resources and can establish a professional network. This is an invitation-based event, organized by Rebel + Connect. Since space is limited you should apply soon if interested.

Dates: 12-16 September

Location: Zadar, Croatia

Tickets: from $899. Get tickets here.

Freedom Business Summit

Freedom Business Summit is created with a straightforward goal to show people new opportunities on how to make more money and get more freedom. 

Location independent lifestyle is all about a simple idea – do what you like, travel where you want and live a life full of freedom, fun and adventure!

They aim to provide proven systems that work around building location independent remote business, running a virtual company and managing your team and clients remotely. 

Dates: 14 September

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Tickets: from $899. Get tickets here.

October 2019

7in7 Conference

One of the most epic digital nomad conferences of the year, 7in7 have the mission to host one of these in all 7 continents. This year, the conference will take place in stunning New Zealand and won’t disappoint. Only accepting attendees that have been location independent for over a year, you are guaranteed to mingle with true digital nomads and learn and network from a vast group. There will be amazing speakers, panels, Q&A sessions, workshops, breakout sessions, meetups, parties & even volunteer activities.

Dates: October 22-29 2019

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Tickets: get your super early bird ticket from $479 here.

Virtual Working Summit

Limited in terms of travel? No problem. Join this online conference and network with nomads from all over the world.  The theme for this year is ‘Innovation & Virtual Working’ and there will be one podcast each day, featuring short interviews with inspiring virtual leaders. This is completely free and you can listen from the comfort of your bed if you’d like!

Dates: October 2019 (exact dates TBC)

Location: Online

Tickets: FREE – register online here.

Nomad Summit

Nomad Summit is one of the biggest conferences for digital nomads, remote workers, online entrepreneurs and those who are currently dreaming about location independence and freedom. The first Nomad Summit was organized in January 2015 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Ever since, it has become the central annual event for hundreds of digital nomads who have escaped the traditional 9-5. This year it will be held at Selina Cowork, Cancun Mexico.

Dates: 11-13 October 2019.

Location: Cancun, Mexico

Tickets: from $97 Get your tickets here.

View their earlier summit this year:

November 2019


Nomad City is an annual event where entrepreneurs & digital nomads come together & learn from each other. The event will be happening in Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, off the coast of northwestern Africa. This event focuses on remote work, digital entrepreneurs & distributed online companies.

Dates: 7-9 November

Location: Gran Canaria

Tickets: from €87 Get your tickets here.

View previous nomad city event

Freedom X Fest

Freedom X Fest is the showcase event for the location independent movement, bringing together all the key players within the movement, and all those interested or curious about alternative ways of living and working. The date and location are still TBC however you can vote where you think it should be held. You can do so here.

Dates: TBC

Location: TBC

Tickets: Previously from $697

Interested in a longer event where you can stay in one location and meet digital nomads from all over the work? Check out our Work Wanderers Retreats which last 1-2 months in top locations around the world.

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