Top Remote Job Boards in 2019

So you’ve got the skills needed to work remotely, great start! Now it’s time to land that dream job that will allow you to work from all your bucket list destinations. Luckily, remote working is becoming the new normal and now there are job boards specifically for the location independent worker. We list the top job boards for landing a remote job in 2019.


1. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is one of the largest job sites for remote workers with over 32,000 current flexible job postings. There are over 50 categories to choose from and over 5000 employers. It is a simple and easy to use job site with the detail you need such as salary data & jobs specifications like part-time & full-time. The only drawback is in order to get all the job information & apply, you need to sign up on either 1,3 or 12 month subscription. At $49.95 for a year membership, we don’t think this is bad at all considering there is tons of choice & all jobs are vetted. If you plan on searching for various freelance jobs over the course of a year, this could definitely be for you.


Here are some jobs currently listed:


Digital Marketing Manager

Junior User Interface Designer


Product Manager

Customer Experience Representative


2. Remote.co

We really like Remote.co has the user experience is great and there are tons of job category options from Accounting & Healthcare to Design & Marketing. You can also view the job description in detail and when clicking apply, it takes you to the company job page. The site is free to use and you can sign up for fresh job updates.


Here are some jobs currently listed:


Customer Support Superhero


Graphic Designer

Junior Full Stack Developer

Technical Editor


3. Remotive

Remotive has helped over 25,000 people get remote jobs since inception. It advertises jobs by category, such as Education, Engineering, Human Resources, Marketing, Product, Sales & Support. It provides a clear job description as well as displaying the hiring company. Remotive has a bi-weekly newsletter that provides subscribers with an extensive list of new job listings as well as informative articles about working remotely & being a digital nomad.


Here are some jobs currently listed:


Web Developer

Sales Lead

Growth Marketer

Technical Accounting Manager

PR Manager


4. We Work Remotely

This job board has a simple design & provides current & updated jobs in the category you select. With over 2,500,000 monthly visitors, this job board should definitely be bookmarked as leading employers are posting jobs here. With the aim of finding the most qualified people in the most unexpected places – We Work Remotely has become one of the best places to find and list jobs that aren’t restricted by location.


Here are some jobs currently listed:


Data Scientist

Online English Teacher

Rockstar Executive Assistant

PPC Strategist



5. Skip the drive

As the name suggests, this job site is all about empowering people to work remotely and move away from an office based environment. From handy work from home tips & resources to being able to track your job applications, we really do recommend having a look. There is even a telecommuting calculator to show you how much money you can save when working from home.     


Here are some job categories listed:


HR Jobs

IT Jobs

Administrative Jobs

Project Management Jobs

Healthcare & Nursing Jobs


6. Jobspresso

Jobspresso hand picks all the listed jobs and does not scrape other job sites. It reviews and vets all jobs and companies that list them. It offers a variety of jobs from developer & tech roles to design, HR and project management. With a simplistic design, this site has become a favourite of many freelancers and remote workers.


Here are some jobs currently listed:


Product manager

Marketing Coordinator

Customer Services Rep

Software Developer

Visual Designer


7. Remote OK

If you’re in tech, this site has tons of job offerings. There are also jobs related to Marketing, Customer Support & Design. It also provides a list of top companies hiring remote workers & you can search by Payscale which is helpful.


Here are some jobs currently listed:


Ruby on Rails Engineer

B2B Digital Marketing Specialist

Project Manager

Online GMAT Tutor

Graphic Designer


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