The Top 10 Remote Freelancer Jobs

Look around, most jobs are on the computer right? Well, that’s because we have become reliant on technology in our professions and many of the time spend the whole day behind a screen. This is the way the world is moving and believe it or not, it has given us the opportunity to seek freedom in terms of our lifestyle. Now, we can be sitting anywhere in the world and perform the same job (timezone permitting). Enter: Remote work. Now, you can pack your laptop in a backpack and head to your bucket list destination instead of waiting until you’re retired one day. Of course, not all jobs allow for remote work, but it is promising to see this becoming an accepted concept allowing for the flexibility you have always dreamed of. We list the top 10 jobs you can get into to allow you to jump on the remote work bandwagon and begin your travels.


1. Virtual Assistant


Technology advancements such as high-speed internet, file sharing & tools such as Skype/Hangouts have made this career possible. VAs are normally support staff for entrepreneurs & small businesses who prefer not to hire someone permanently. This job does entail administration and requires excellent organisational skills and an eye for detail. VAs are also sometimes used for marketing, design, and web development on a basic scale if they can offer such skill sets to employers. Of course, they do work remotely so have the flexibility to work from home or travel, however it is assumed they would need to be in the same timezone/similar to that of the employer.


Degree required: No

Level of experience: Junior

Salary range: $18-$35 an hour


2. Project Manager


Are you detail-oriented, great at planning and execution, a born delegator and froth for deadlines? IIf that sounds like you, then project management might be up your alley. See a project through from inception to completion and ensure all stakeholders are on time with deliverables and quality outputs are high. Project Managers are now able to work remotely however experience is required.


Degree Required: Bachelors or PMP certification

Experience: Mid-level

Salary range: $75,474 per annum


3. Web or Graphic Designer


Designers are one of the most in-demand remote job categories. As small businesses often need quick turnaround on designs for their website, they will often look for remote designers due to the task being project-based and the flexibility of utilising services without hiring someone permanently. From traditional design for logos & flyers to front-end & UX design, there are many opportunities if you have these skills. Do an online course in web design to become a more all rounded candidate.  


Degree Required: Preferable

Experience: Junior

Salary range: $15-$70 per hour


4. Copywriter


Copywriting is the art of writing in a salesmanship manner, generally in the advertising industry or to promote a brand of a company. This deep skill persuades customers to convert and is highly regarded as directly reflects in sales. Copywriting could be required for social media posts, email advertising, paid media ads, PR and web copy. This is an ideal remote job as you would work solely online and there isn’t much back 7 forth. It is, however, to have a good understanding of the brands and the objective of the messaging. Be sure to request a brand guide when participating in this type of work.


Degree Required: Preferable

Experience: Junior

Salary range: $15-$96 per hour


5. Translator


A freelance remote translator would be responsible for converting text from one language to another for multinational companies, e-commerce sites, translation agencies & sometimes individuals. Globalisation has led to an increase in demand for translators and it is expected that this demand will grow by 17% from 2016-2016. Chinese, Spanish & Japanese are the highest paid languages to translate to English.


Degree Required: Bachelors. Certification preferable

Experience: Junior

Salary range: $15-$50 per hour


6. Social Media Manager


A social media manager is in charge of managing the social accounts of a company or multiple companies. They would manage the day-to-day activities such as content strategy, content creation, scheduling and implementation of posts and management and occasionally management of deliverables of designers and copywriters. With freelance social media managers, sometimes design & copywriting falls to them, and often cases businesses prefer this as it reduces costs and output time. Doing an online course in Photoshop would be beneficial.


Degree Required: Bachelors

Experience: Junior

Salary range: $15-$50 per hour


7. Online English Teacher


Becoming an online English teacher has never been easier. If you have some sort of college degree and are a native English speaker, you’re in! All you need is high-speed internet, Skype, a webcam and headphones. Learning English online is well established in France and growing rapidly in much of Japan, China, and Korea. In this job, you would either be teaching an individual one-on-one for about 30 minutes and a small group for about 45minutes.  


Degree Required: Bachelors & TEFL course

Experience: Junior

Salary range: $10-$40 per hour


8. Web Developer  


As almost all businesses have moved online, web development is highly in demand from small businesses & bloggers to large corporations. You may opt for front-end, back-end or full stack web development, however all are equally needed. Web developers can be expected to design and create small websites, set up back end functionality for websites, manage the servers and administration of a website and fix bugs and issues that arise on a website. Web developers can work for multiple companies at once and are ideal remote workers as it is generally a solitary job and only requires a laptop and an internet connection.


Degree Required: Bachelors preferable

Experience: Junior

Salary range: $20-$60 per hour


9. Promotional video maker

This job requires a fair amount of skill, creativity, and passion. You would need the necessary equipment such as a DSLR camera, tripod, dedicated audio recorder, and drone. This job has become increasingly needed due to the trend towards video promotion over graphic promotion. Businesses now require intro videos, promo videos, review videos, website videos, etc.


Degree Required: No

Experience: Junior

Salary range: $40-$150 per hour


10. Customer Support Manager


As e-commerce takes over, an alarming number of customers requires support post-purchase. This is where online support managers come in and deal with administrative, payment, delivery, booking and general inquiries. They also may have to deal with complaints and provide support to ensure brand reputation is upheld. This job requires patience, people-skills, organisation and attention to detail.


Degree Required: No

Experience: Junior

Salary range: $15-$20 per hour


So, harness the skills you have and jump into one of these careers to reap the benefits of the remote working life. If you are already a remote worker, why not travel to one of your bucket-list destinations and live there for a month with like-minded individuals by joining a Work Wanderers Retreat. See you in paradise!

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