Are Coworking Spaces Worth It?

Working in pyjamas every day is not conducive to a productive work life, but renting out an office space is a daunting (and often unattainable) prospect for most freelancers and small companies. Coworking spaces are a budget-friendly solution, where workers can come together and get things done in a fun, flexible environment.


What is a Coworking Space?


A coworking space is a shared workspace geared towards freelancers, small start-ups, and remote workers. It’s a flexible space with a whole range of amenities you’d expect to find in a more traditional office. These include shared spaces and private meeting rooms, Internet and communications infrastructure, kitchen facilities and recreational areas.


Instead of taking out a traditional long-term lease, workers in a coworking setup will have short-term or flexible memberships allowing them access to these amenities.


Coworking is about more than just “renting a desk” – there are a number of advantages that attract workers to these flexible spaces.


Benefits of Coworking



Many people find that leaving the house to go to a workspace makes it easier to focus on work during “office hours”, which helps to keep a healthy work-life balance. In most cases, the local coffee shop doesn’t quite cut it – it’s noisy, crowded and full of distractions, plus the Internet connection and plug point availability can be unpredictable. At a coworking desk, you can simply plug in and get to work, distraction-free.



There’s no need to worry about furniture or equipment – outside of your own laptop or mobile device, of course. Coworking spaces take care of furniture, printers, coffee machines and more. The administrative tasks are all handled for you, so you can focus on running your business.



There’s no need to stress about weak or unreliable connections when you’re in a coworking space. These workspaces are designed with productivity in mind, and a big part of this is a stable infrastructure with fast Internet at your disposal. 



Joining a coworking community gives you an amazing opportunity to get to know other entrepreneurs in your area. These spaces will attract a mix of like-minded, creative business owners, and you’ll have plenty of chances to network or even work collaboratively with them. Plenty of coworking spaces also host special events focused on learning and networking.


Want to take the coworking experience to the next level? Try a coworking and co-living retreat to an exotic destination, where you can stoke that entrepreneurial fire as you explore your new surroundings.


What Does Coworking Cost?


The cost of your coworking space will depend partly on the area you live in, partly on the amenities included in your membership, and partly on whether you’re paying daily or monthly. You’ll find there is a whole range of coworking models available to suit any budget, and you can save 20 to 40% compared to the cost of leasing a traditional office space.


Coworking isn’t for everyone; some people find there is a lack of privacy in such a collaborative environment, not to mention plenty of professional competition under one roof. However, those looking for an energetic, hassle-free setup that bridges the gap between the home office and the traditional workspace will be sure to enjoy it. 


Find a coworking space in your city and try it out for a few days – you might be surprised by the benefits! Or, if you’re thinking of joining one of our retreats, full access to a coworking space is included – view upcoming retreats here.

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