Wanderer of the week: Julia Lundin

Wanderer of the week

Name: Julia Lundin

From: Sweden

Work Wanderers Retreat: Bali

What type of remote work do you do?

My primary income comes from teaching Swedish online, however I do some social media management for various companies and recently I have started taking on clients as a lifestyle coach and helping them move from a work cubicle to digital nomad.

Why did you decide to become a digital nomad?

So for three years, I worked in office jobs. As I wanted to travel, I found my first job on the island of Malta but found out quickly that I couldn’t enjoy the beautiful surroundings as I was stuck inside all day. My main ambition at that time was to work for Google. I landed a job at this tech giant and moved to Dublin. I really enjoyed the free food, parties and it satisfied my senses – but not my soul. I felt trapped and unfulfilled. I was not living my purpose. I stumbled upon this book, The 4-hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. He was traveling around the world and working from his laptop and I found this amazing. He said there was the Old Rich and the New Rich. The Old rich waited until retirement until they get their freedom and tend to spend their money on material things throughout their life as they don’t have time to travel.  The New Rich, however, choose to live as minimalists and favour lifestyle over material wealth. The New Rich choose to travel and enable themselves to do this by working remotely. I felt ‘Wow’, this is exactly what I wanted to do, be able to travel and work whenever I wanted. So after many struggles, I was able to become a digital nomad. I finally found the freedom I was looking for.

Where have you traveled?

Wow, I have travelled to 46 countries now! I am keeping track and have my bucket-list. My highlight has been Japan. I love the culture, it’s just so different and I love sushi!

What challenges do you face as a Digital Nomad?

My number one challenge is productivity. There are so many distractions on social media and you travel to beautiful countries so you want to get out and explore. I’ve been used to being a backpacker for so many years when you travel full-time, but now there is so much work to do and there is no boss to tell you when and how to work. I don’t want that, but managing my time is a struggle. Being on the Work Wanderers retreat really helped with this as I was in an environment where everyone was focused on being productive and we had access to a co-working space nearby which made managing my work schedule much easier!

Why did you join a work Wanderers retreat?

I felt a bit stuck in my digital nomad journey which I felt was not going anywhere so that contributed. I had also been working from home for a while, from my bed, so I didn’t get an opportunity to meet other digital nomads and really wanted that, so that’s why I joined. 

How has your Work Wanderers experience been?

I don’t even know where to start! I have made friends for life, stayed in a beautiful villa, I feel my productivity has just sky-rocketed and learnt so much from the masterclasses. 

What advice would you give someone looking to become a digital nomad?

I would say, start side project/remote jobs on the sideline of your office job and quit when you are making enough money to sustain yourself. Otherwise, it can be a lot of pressure and you need cash to sustain your travels.

Follow more of Julia’s adventures!

Instagram: @thespiritnomad

Blog: www.thespiritnomad.com

Youtube: the spirit nomad

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