What is a Work Wanderers Retreat?

Remote working is becoming the norm. More and more people are looking for the perfect work/life balance between reaching their career goals and maintaining freedom and flexibility, The term ‘digital nomad’ has become a phrase synonymous with travel, working online and adventure.

Work Wanderers aims to make this lifestyle possible by providing an environment conducive to those looking to become remote workers and for those who have taken the plunge and embraced the uncertainty.

We bring digital nomads together from all over the world and provide an interactive, safe and fun community living environment for our Wanderers in locations all over the world. Wanderers join for 2 weeks to 2 months in an epic location where they learn, share and explore together.

We also focus on giving our Wanderers and authentic look into the destination’s local culture and have partnered with NGOs and charities in the areas to volunteer and give back. We aim for this to become long term partnerships where we can keep bringing back Wanderers to help these worthwhile causes.

Here is what we provide:


Bunk beds and hostel life is not for us. We’re at a time in our lives where privacy and quality become very important. Our Wanderers are no different, that’s why we source premium accommodation in the best areas. They get their own private bedroom and use the shared house facilities. We ensure the location is  convenient and close to the co-working space.

Co-working Space Access

We partner with local co-working spaces to ensure our Wanderers are able to stay productive and reach their daily goals. With high-speed internet connectivity, comfortable work environment and endless networking opportunities, our Wanderers make great use of these spaces.

Career Development

We host weekly Masterclasses & Skillshares for our Wanderers. Our Masterclasses are hosted by expert speakers who specialise in certain skills. They add value and allow for constant learning. Our skillshares are peer-driven and help Wanderers dive into each other skill-sets and share knowledge. This allows networking to BOOM!

Volunteering Opportunities

We partner with local NGOs and communities and give our Wanderers the opportunity to lend a helping hand and give back. We aim to develop long term relationships with these organisations and start funds to develop them in years to come.

Group Excursions

We include group excursions on our retreats and try to provide a great day out for our Wanderers. We touch on the hotspots of a destination but also try to explore more authentic experiences. We also have a list of group activity add ons which are optional.


You don’t need to worry when you land in a new destination – we got you! You will be picked up at the airport at your land time and be transported straight away to the villa where you will be greeted by your Retreat Coordinator and handed you a welcome pack which include a Local SIM and bus card,

Calendar of Social Events

We provide a calendar of voluntary social activities and events that you can take part in. The welcome dinner is included and will help you get to know you new roomies. The rest is up to you. It’s your retreat and what you make of it!

Sounding good so far? Check out www.workwanderers.com for all the details or email contact@workwanderers.com if you have any initial questions.

Ready to join, apply now here.

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