Wanderer of the week: Marianne Therrien

Name: Marianne Therrien

From: Canada

Work Wanderers Retreat: Bali

What type of remote work do you do?

I create promotional videos for different companies to promote their business such as stop motion and animations. Along with my partner Gal we started our company ‘Word and Record’ about 5 years ago. We also recently started creating a lot of in-training animation for business as the demands for these types of projects has grown a lot in the past year.

I also recently started an Instagram account (@madetwotravel) where I share pictures from our travels. We talk about the reality of being digital nomads, as well as the spiritual aspect of traveling. It recently started doing very well and we’ve had great opportunities coming our way, working and creating content for brands, and prestigious hotels. I truly love photography and as much as I enjoy creating animation videos, I feel like this business allows me to be much more creative in my own personal way. I’m learning so much everyday and I’m looking forward to see where it will bring us!

Why did you decide to become a digital nomad?

I believe that the reason why most digital nomads start on this journey, like myself,  do not want to get stuck in a routine forever. I’m so grateful to have found this lifestyle and in my case it happened quite naturally actually. I was 18 years old and I got very overwhelmed by school while juggling between two jobs. As soon as summer came, I told everybody I was tired and I left to travel! Imagine feeling stuck in this life and already tired at 18 years old, how would it look when I would be 30 years old? I found someone to take care of my apartment and I left on a trip where I met my partner. He was already working online, doing some graphic design work and I was so impressed how he was able to make money from his laptop. We then continued traveling together and I started actively looking for ways to make money online to not have to go back home right away. I started by selling illustrations then went voice-over, until I discovered animation and promotional videos. 

Where have you traveled?

I travelled around South East Asia a lot because it’s so affordable: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia. I also spent a couple of months in Central America (Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Nicaragua), as well as South America (Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay), I love the affordability of all these places and the Spanish culture in general. I also worked and lived in a van for 6 months, traveling through my home country of Canada, as well as the United States which was an amazing experience. I went to Israel as well.

What challenges do you face as a Digital Nomad?

I believe the main challenge about working while traveling for me is distraction. When we travel, I often feel like I want to go explore every day and make sure I don’t miss on anything and that can sometimes affect my productivity. We travel very slowly so that has helped immensely. We spend at least a week, or two everywhere we go so we often have days where we would simply stay in the room or go work in a coffee shop. Since the Work Wanderers’s retreat, I became much better at managing my time! 

Why did you join a work Wanderers retreat?

It seemed like a great opportunity to meet other digital nomads, which has been quite hard to do in our past years of traveling and working from the road. When we learned the retreat was taking place in Canggu, Bali, which is literally our favourite place on earth we couldn’t resist. After seeing the pictures of the villas and the of the co-working  space we would be working at we decided to book it right away!

How has your Work Wanderers experience been?

We rarely meet other digital nomads while we travel and I think what made the Work Wanderers’ retreat so special to me is the feeling of community. Being surrounded by so many other digital nomads that are focused and working hard pushes me to put the same amount of energy on what I’m currently working on. I started working much more consistently during the day, and was able to put my computer aside at night and simply enjoy my time in Bali, with the satisfaction of having accomplished a lot during the day. It gave me the tools to work more efficiently as a digital nomad and it improved my workflow immensely, 

What advice would you give someone looking to become a digital nomad?

Just do it, it’s one of the most gratifying things to be able to work for yourself while being location independent. It allows you to experience the world in a totally new way, while growing immensely as a human being. Nowadays there are SO many ways you can work and make money online, there is no excuses why you shouldn’t do it. Yes it can be strenuous, and require a lot of will power but the reward is incomparable. 

Follow more of Marianne’s adventures!

Instagram: @madetwotravel

Website: https://www.wordandrecord.com/

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