7 Tips for Choosing Your Next Nomad Destination (A different approach)

While preparing your leap to become a digital nomad you might get the impression that the obligatory step now is getting to Chiang Mai, Tulum or Lisbon and order an Açai bowl to nourish yourself while hustling on your Mac. The beaten paths surely exist for a reason – we should not forget about visa conditions, economical living, and speedy internet when choosing our next destination!

Still, whenever you’re relocating, keep in mind that as a freelancing digital nomad you can fit your travel itinerary to your personal aspirations. Historical nomads were changing locations to find food and material. Today we can find locations that help us achieve our goals! 

In need of a bit of inspiration? Let’s make a bucket list!

1.  Is there a hobby you would like to try?

Would be great to go skiing? Consider Slovenia in Europe and its romantic towns to not break the bank in Switzerland. Curious to learn tango? Perfect excuse to visit Argentina! Fishing could be your thing? Learn it in Estonia!

2.  At what pace do you want to live right now?

Sometimes one just wants to have some weeks of concentrated work. Long walks along the rough Scottish coast. In solitude. Down time could look different for you! Feel free to find a place that gives you calm vibes when you need them.

3.  Is it time to learn a new language?

I always liked the sound of Arabic, maybe I should spend some time in Morocco… Learning Spanish could be very useful (500 million  more people to speak with, just sayin’) or put your French from 10th grade to the test to order a crème brûlée!

4.  Want to taste some new food?

You could spend a year in Colombia and try a new fruit every day. But maybe a stuffed green plantain dumpling in Ecuador and Picarones in Peru called for you to travel further south before accomplishing that. 

5.  Do you prefer staying grounded?

It might be necessary to fly to reach some of your dream destinations, and that’s ok, but consciously opting for another mode of transport might open your eyes to gems closer to your current base that allows you to travel slowly and experience more.

6.  In which community do you want to be in right now?

Instead of choosing a destination and ending up befriending (or fleeing) the people that happen to be there, you can join a community that you want to be part of. Surf camps, Ecovillages or inspiring digital nomad retreats can get you to great destinations and unique folks.

7.  Does your schedule allow for volunteering?

It might not be an option for a solopreneur that’s currently getting business up and running, but find out for yourself if your online work leaves you with some hours of free time to take a volunteer position in exchange for room and board. Not only would it be a major cost saver, but a great way to be part of a local community, learn new skills and share your own. And who knows? You could land up in  crazy locations, like Shetland pony ranches in the Australian Outback!

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