Andrae Smith – Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador

Meet Andrae Smith – The New, Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador for October 2021:  As a native of Cape Town, South Africa, and the creator and founder of Work Wanderers,  Andrae is super excited for this new venture to partner with Zagreb. Through a phenomenal project working with the city to increase the awareness of remote opportunities for digital nomads in the capital of Croatia,’’ to show that it is a wonderful place for others to explore and work remotely from.

Traveling to many different countries is something Andrae loves to do. During the initial rise of Covid-19, a fair share of her traveling was put on hold but that did not stop her from planning for the future.  In June she stumbled across this incredible initiative by the city of Zagreb and decided to apply to become the Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador. To her surprise, she was selected for the month of October 2021 to be an Ambassador. As Zagreb continues to develop digital nomad stories Andrae will now be one of their amazing features. Sharing her story and inspiring others to start their very own digital nomad journey here in this extraordinary country.

For the full month of October Andrae will be residing in Croatia, working with the Zagreb Tourist Board, Saltwater Nomads, and Total Croatia News to learn as much as possible as she shares her expertise as well. Embracing the golden opportunity to fully experience the culture and visit every inch of the beautiful country throughout her stay. She plans to meet other amazing nomads and build lasting connections with each individual, with the goal of hosting one of her retreats in Croatia in the near future.

Work Wanderersis the name of her company. It is designed to help others work from anywhere in the world, develop their dream life and find communities of like-minded people. It offers online coaching, digital nomad month-long retreats, and online boot camps. It’s the perfect program for those who enjoy living life on their own terms. To stay connected with Andrae throughout her stay and beyond explore her LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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