5 Ways to Stand out As A Freelancer

Standing out in an over-saturated market can be challenging, but it is something that is possible to achieve. No matter how large your particular niche may be, no one can be you. Your creative ability and uniqueness of your personal brand are what sets you apart from the crowd. Learning how to strategically produce services that are unmatched is key. Personality, brand, service, value, and results are 5 great ways to stand out as a freelancer.

Personality- Your personality is one of your biggest assets that sets you apart from others. Your ability to engage and interact effectively with people will draw them in to do business with you. Your personality is seen as your first connecting point that generates a lead for a potential client. When people can relate and build a good level of trust choosing you to have a job completed is easy. The more personable you are, the more others will recommend you. When you serve well your clients market even better for you.

Brand – Your brand creates its own identity and represents you and what your service provides. Ensuring your brand aligns and carries uniqueness is imperative to your success.  Stand out brands hold a strong focus on how it makes their clients feel. A person who feels good about a service and how it is provided is more likely to choose you to do business with.  Branding yourself properly will make you stand out and help create high demand for your service.

Value- Adding great value to the lives of individuals through your work will make people pick you over others every time. Anyone can get a client and provide a service in exchange for monetary payments. However, freelancers who go above and beyond understand how a little extra goes a long way. Think of ways in which you can add value to potential clients before they book you for projects. It can be weekly tips, short informative videos, or advice pertaining to your niche in regards to something they may be searching for. Find ways to double that value given once they become clients and standing out from your competitor becomes very easy. It’s the small margin of extra that separates you for the better and business growth, each time.

Service – High-quality customer service will make you stand out tremendously in the freelance world. How good people are treated determines where they spend their money. How well they are serviced determines if they return and also refer others to come to you. Your business will only be as good as your service and customer retention should always be the goal.

Results – No matter the niche you choose to service, all clients want to see results. Whatever the desired outcome is supposed to be, it is expected to be met. Being able to meet or go beyond a client’s expectations gives you the ability to stand out greatly. It gives the client satisfaction and creates room for possible client retention. Always work hard to understand the unique purpose and goal of each projected project from conception to completion. When you master that you will never fall short of producing results. 

Setting yourself apart from those who serve in your market takes work. Remain true to your brand and who you are from the very start. It is very easy to get lost in the sea of freelancing and look like everyone else. Make it a priority to create a brand that is authentically you, develop a voice that no one else can copy and create a presence that the world will notice.

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