Our Story

It all started with a group of friends who had worked at corporates, tech companies & startups who realised no type of organisational structure satisfied their need for freedom and flexibility. Some of them were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work remotely and they got a taste of the remote life.  Andrae Smith, founder of Work Wanderers, realised that the way we work is changing and yearned for the space to travel and work independent of location. She found almost all of her friends that did work from home struggled with loneliness and wanted to travel, but didn’t know where to start or were fearful of solo travel.  She then founded Work Wanderers in 2018, with the vision to provide an environment for community when travelling, a space to stay productive and get work done as well as providing an opportunity for members to immerse themselves in the local community and give back where possible.  Work Wanderers, still a young travel startup, has expanded in the last couple of years and hosted successful retreats in locations around the world. The community keeps on growing and is alive. Let’s keep on connecting and discovering this beautiful world we live in together. 

Andrae Smith Cover

Andrae Smith

Digital Nomad, Entrepreneur, Travel Enthusiast and Strategic Marketer

It was created for those who look for community and a structured environment that enables productivity. Having struggled to find this myself as a remote worker, I realised there was an opportunity for such an offering that provides hassle-free travel for remote workers at a more affordable price than what’s currently available in the market. I wanted to create a space for finding the perfect work / life balance and bring like-minded people together from all over the world, while exploring a new city.

Our Mission

We strive to be the most value-driven remote working experience globally Our main aim is to make every part of your experience of the highest quality and value. From ensuring your accomodation is top notch, central and attractive to making your transition into working in a new city seamless. We truly believe in work-life balance and aim for you to experience this on your retreat. We want you to always have a smile on your face and feel supported. We hand pick wanderers to join retreats and keep it very selective and exclusive to allow for you to make lifelong friendships and share valuable insights into your day-to-day work life and home cultures. We also aim to include lots of extras such as full-day activities that you can then tick off your bucket-list with a local work warrior who will give you all the inside tips. Let your remote work experience change your life - it sure has changed ours.

Careers With Us

We're always looking for top talent and people with an itch for travel and a flair for adventure.

Location: Bali

We are looking for a local tour guide with great communication skills and fluent in English. Know all the in’s and outs of Indonesian culture and the main spots to visit on the island. 

Formal certification required. 

Location: Cape town

We require a driver with a Professional Driving Permit (PDP) & minimum 7 years bus driving experience. 

You will need to be a social media buff on top of all the trends with at least 3 years social media management experience. Be able to manage all social media channels and do monitoring of metrics monthly. Previous travel/tourism industry experience an advantage.