What is a Work Wanderers Retreat?

Remote working is becoming the norm. More and more people are looking for the perfect work/life balance between reaching their career goals and maintaining freedom and flexibility, The term ‘digital nomad’ has become a phrase synonymous with travel, working online … Read More

Wanderer of the week

Wanderer of the week: Julia Lundin

Name: Julia Lundin From: Sweden Work Wanderers Retreat: Bali What type of remote work do you do? My primary income comes from teaching Swedish online, however I do some social media management for various companies and recently I have started … Read More

Top 10 Cities for Digital Nomads 2019

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tips for working remotely while travelling

5 Tips for Working Remotely While Travelling

In the era of the digital nomad, smart tips for working remotely can help you to earn a living while you travel. Remote work sounds glamorous, but it isn’t all palm-lined beaches and chic coffee houses – it takes discipline … Read More

Are Coworking Spaces Worth It?

Working in pyjamas every day is not conducive to a productive work life, but renting out an office space is a daunting (and often unattainable) prospect for most freelancers and small companies. Coworking spaces are a budget-friendly solution, where workers … Read More

Running Remote Conference 2019

Running Remote Conference 2019 – Bali, Indonesia

Get an extra 40% OFF with the promo code – workwanderers   Running Remote is the largest conference for remote teams globally. This year it will be held in Bali, which as become a renowned destination for digital nomads and … Read More

Top 25 Most Instagrammable Places in Bali

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The Top 10 Remote Freelancer Jobs

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Top Remote Job Boards in 2019

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The Top Digital Nomad Events 2019

We’ve compiled a list of the top digital nomad conferences/events in 2019. From nomad cruises to online summits, we have it all. Check out the list below and see how many events you will be able to attend this year. … Read More