5 Secret Things Digital Nomads Do in Canggu, Bali

When traveling as a digital nomad, you aren’t just a holidaymaker staying in an area for a few days. You end up living and working there and after a while may even call it home. We’ve made Canggu, Bali our … Read More

Our Founder’s Story

Hi, I’m Andrae, a solopreneur and the founder of Work Wanderers. I am passionate about travel, learning, and community. I’d love to get to know you, but first, here’s my backstory and how Work Wanderers came about. Here goes – … Read More

Wanderer of Productivity Week: Marianne Therrien

Work Wanderers Retreat: Bali 2019 Can you tell us a bit more about you and what you do? My name is Marianne, I’m a Canadian freelancer and photographer. I’ve been traveling and working from the road since 2014. I like … Read More

Anh Thu Nguyan Wanderer of the week

Wanderer of the Week – Anh Thu Nguyen

Country: Switzerland Work Wanderers Retreat: Cape Town What type of remote work do you do? I’m a spiritual mindset coach, I help female entrepreneurs gain confidence and bring spirit in their day to day life, so that they can thrive … Read More

10 Emerging Digital Nomad Cities in 2020

While most people still immediately picture Bali and Lisbon when they think of digital nomads, there are many other up-and-coming cities that are starting to make a name for themselves in the globetrotting community. Here are 10 of the most … Read More

Compare 2020 Digital Nomad Retreats

Joining a digital nomad retreat is a big decision so it’s important to weigh up the options in terms of inclusions, community, costs and more! We have created this infographic for a quick overview of what’s included by the top digital nomad retreat providers as we as an overview of costs. … Read More

Wanderer of the Week – Chelsea Lynn

Country: Australia (Originally Canada) Work Wanderers Retreat: Cape Town What type of remote work do you do? I’m a classic online nerd! I cover the realm of building an aligned online presence for service-based businesses that are looking to establish … Read More

Wanderer of the Week – Anh de Vietnam

Country: Vietnam, if it wasn’t already obvious from my name Work Wanderers Retreat: Cape Town What type of remote work do you do? I work for a very small Canadian company trading nuts and seeds across the globe. Some of … Read More

Work Wanderers Retreat

The Top Digital Nomad Community Groups

Being a digital nomad offers you so much freedom and flexibility, but on the downside, it can get a little isolating at times. The good news is, many new resources have become available to digital nomads looking to network, collaborate … Read More

Bansko – A New Digital Nomad Hub in Europe

What’s the buzz about Bansko? The world of remote work has turned its attention to this tranquil destination, and when you learn about all the benefits of Bansko for digital nomads, you’ll be tempted to make a trip there yourself. … Read More