Are you sick of the 9-5, ready to build a remote career and wanting to become a digital nomad? Then this online course is for you!

Jampacked 8-module online course

Being remote is the new normal. No longer do you have to work the 9-5 in an office cubicle furthering someone else's dreams. You now have the choice to create a work/life balance that fuels your fire and helps you reach your goals. The digital nomad lifestyle opens up the doors to the world and allows you to work remotely, travel and be extremely successful. This course will help you build a remote career from scratch and is filled with all the tips and tricks on how to transition into the digital nomad lifestyle. Get lifetime access and any updates made to the course over time.

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Course outline

▶  Master your mindset

▶  Finding your WHY

▶  Creating Your Remote Career Plan

▶  Showcasing Your Online Skills 

▶  Packaging Yourself To Get Clients 

▶  Growing Your Network 

▶ Applying for freelancer gigs

▶  How to find your 1st remote job 

▶  Negotiating a remote work contract

▶  [TEMPLATE] Remote Worker Exit Strategy Checklist

▶   Finding Your Niche

▶   Setting Up A Website in less than a week

▶   Creating an Online Presence

▶   Marketing Strategies to Get Leads

▶  [BONUS] How to Package Your Products/Services – Live Training

▶  15 Ways to Make Money Online While You Sleep

▶  5 Mindset Blocks Facing Aspiring Digital Nomads [LIVE]

▶  Money Mindset As A Nomad

▶  Becoming Your Own Boss – Productivity Hacks & Tips

▶  Getting Prepared to Travel As A Digital Nomad

▶  Creating A Realistic Travel Budget

▶  Where to travel – Digital Nomad Hubs Around The World

▶  Travel Hacks & Tips For Digital Nomads

▶   3 Easy Ways To Find Community When you Get There

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