Online Mastermind group with remote workers from around the world looking to create a happy lifestyle that’s balanced and super productive

Does any of this sound like you?

👉 You love working remotely but you struggle to stay productive and often get distracted 👉 You thought working remotely meant having more free time but you’re actually working longer hours than you ever have 👉 You’ve got some sort of remote work routine in place but you often slip up and feel you are lacking consistency 👉 You want to take advantage of working remotely and create time for traveling, hobbies, passions, and relationships but it’s not happening 👉 You’re struggling to stay motivated during this crisis and need structure and community to get you back on track 👉 You’re looking for more meaning in your everyday remote work life and need some guidance 👉 You’re keen to join a community of remote workers that is supportive you and have the same mindset

Why staying productive & creating a happy, balanced lifestyle is important for remote workers

✔️ You will work smarter and have more time for yourself and loved ones ✔️ It improves your mental state of mind & moods ✔️ You feel a sense of accomplishment every day ✔️ You feel life is on track and you are in control ✔️ You create remote work and personal life boundaries ✔️ You have confidence and good self-esteem ✔️ Improves general health and well-being ✔️ You reduce feelings of stress ✔️ You can design the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of

Join our 21 Day Online Lifestyle Goals Mastermind Group by Work Wanderers

You will become a Wanderer and be part of a global community of remote workers , freelancers, and online entrepreneurs that are searching for a more balanced remote work lifestyle. Whether it be working from home and spending time with family, or traveling the world, we help you stay productive and achieve your ideal work/life balance.

What's inside the Mastermind?

  • Discover your WHY 
  • Develop an unstoppable efficiency mindset
  • Understand what truly makes you happy
  • Create a positivity and happiness routine to follow everyday
  • Finetune your priorities
  • Learn how to set goals that you actually will achieve
  • Share your goals with your mastermind community & be held accountable


7 videos| 7 Workbook Exercises | Group Goal Sharing Session 

Value: $397 – Included in Mastermind

  • Create a routine that’s geared towards success
  • Learn how to automate your tasks and develop a system that works
  • Create a daily schedule that ensures you get shi%t done
  • Feel achievement every single day & share your wins with mastermind group
  • Learn how to zone out all the distraction and focus
  • Create daily habits that stick
  • BONUS: Productivity tools checklist


7 Videos | 7 Workbook Exercises | 3 Bonus Resources | Group Session

Value: $397 Included in Mastermind

  • Commit to a balanced lifestyle 
  • Evaluate your current lifestyle and identify where it needs to change
  • Embrace what creates fire in your belly
  • Develop a routine to improve your health on a daily basis
  • Declutter your life to increase happiness and balance
  • Find daily motivation for remote work & personal life
  • Create a happiness plan for ultimate rejuvenation
  • Learn how to reflect and have proactive gratitude
  • Maintain your new happiness & productivity lifestyle as a remote worker


7 Videos | 7 Workbook Exercises | 3 Bonus Resources | Group Session

Value: $397 Included in Mastermind

Mastermind, Community, Workbooks - you get it all!

Everything included when you join the Mastermind

21 Day Mastermind ✔️ 21 Module Videos ✔️ 7 Day Productivity & Happiness Mindset Challenge (Value: $397) ✔️ 7 Day Productivity Gamechanger (Value: $397) ✔️ 7 Day Balanced Lifestyle Program (Value: $397) ✔️ 21 Workbook exercises (Value $199) Mastermind & Wandering Community ✔️ 3-month Mastermind Community membership (Value: $397) ✔️ 12 Online coworking sessions ✔️ 12 Goal sharing & accountability online sessions ✔️ 3 Online Networking meetups ✔️ Member pairings - productivity accountability Remote Lifestyle Coaching ✔️ 3 Group Online coffee chats with Andrae on the remote lifestyle (Value $597) And just cos we believe inin going above & beyond ✔️ BONUS templates, checklists & productivity hacks ✔️ Get the Wandering community Retreat rates (15% discounts)* Total Value $2997 Start your change today at only $397 once-off

Meet your coach

Hi, I’m Andrae. I am the founder of Work Wanderers and your coach during this 21-day Mastermind 🙌 I have been a full-time remote worker and digital nomad for over 2 years and worked with remote teams for over 4 years. I quit my office-based 9-5 and started an online business designed around the lifestyle I wanted to live.  The company I built created a platform for remote workers, freelancers and online entrepreneurs to live and work remotely in digital nomad hotspots around the world for up to 6 weeks at a time. I join all the retreats and organize the logistics, host skillshares and masterminds, lead tons of social activities and try to get everyone to give back to the local communities we are in. This is my ideal lifestyle as I get to travel and meet inspiring people from all over the world, build a business I am passionate about and help others create their optimum work/life balance. 

I created a framework to change my mindset and start reflecting on how I could work way smarter than I thought I was. I finetuned my priorities and stuck to a system that worked consistently, allowing me to become 10X more productive than I had been previously. I also learned from all the amazing remote workers that joined my retreats and observed their different remote work behaviors, routines, and approaches to finding balance. Everyone’s different, but there were three core things I found people needed in order to created a lifestyle they were happy with, being Motivation, Consistency, and Balance. I have built this mastermind using years of experience, learnings, and systems that WORK to allow for a more happy and productive lifestyle.  Because I believe in community and collaboration, this Mastermind will have learnings for 21 days but continue for a 3 month period to allow for online networking, holding each other accountable and growing a group of like-minded remote workers from around the world. And if you’re keen to join a coworking retreat in the future, you’ll become a lifetime Wanderer so you’ll get exclusive offers for our incredible retreats around the world.      So if you’re super pumped to readjust your mindset and create the work/life balance you’ve always dreamed of, I’ll see you on the Mastermind for 21 days of transformation.

What makes us so special?

💻 Join a community of like-minded remote workers and entrepreneurs striving for better work/life balance 💻 Find your inner happiness and incorporate that in your everyday life 💻 Work 10X more productively and get sh%t done 💻 Create routines and habits that stick 💻 Get inspired by remote workers who have traveled around the world and take up the digital nomad lifestyle 💻 Be held accountable by your mastermind partner and group to stay on track and maintain your happy and productive new lifestyle

Wondering if you will be closer to your lifestyle goals after joining this Mastermind? Here is what you will have accomplished by the end of it!

Created a productive & happy mindset around remote work & personal life Discovered your personal & professional WHY and core values Learned how to prioritize and achieve your daily and weekly goals Created consistent routines and structure in your remote workday Developed remote work habits that stick and help you work smart, not hard Learned how to love yourself and create balance in your remote work life Injected productivity tools and automation into your remote workday Connected with a community of like-minded remote workers

I'm ready to design my ideal work/life balance!

Online Mastermind
Value: $2997
  • 21 Module Videos
  • 7 Day Productivity & Happiness Mindset Challenge
  • 7 Day Productivity Gamechanger
  • 7 Day Balanced Lifestyle for Remote Workers Program
  • 21 Workbook exercises
  • BONUS templates
  • 3-month Mastermind Community membership
  • 12 Online coworking sessions
  • 12 Goal sharing & accountability online sessions
  • 3 Group Online coffee chats with Andrae
  • 3 Online Networking meetups
  • Member pairings - productivity accountability
  • Get the Wandering Community Retreat rates

Only 20 spots available on this Mastermind - join with this exclusve offer of $397 once-off

Value: $2997


If you’re a remote worker, freelancer or entrepreneur or someone who is just starting out as a remote worker, and you’re hoping to create a productive and happy, well-balanced lifestyle – this is for you!

This Mastermind will start on 1 June 2020.

You will have access to your Mastermind content forever and you will have access to the community for 3 months (1 June – 30 August). 

The Mastermind video per day is approx. 5-15 minutes long each day and the workbook exercise can take you between 10-40 minutes to complete. Overall daily commitment is around one hour for the first 21 days. There  

We have a 2-hour coworking session every week. This is to give you a space to get focused and be held accountable for completing a certain task(s). We generally work in silence for about an hour then have a 10-minute break to discuss how we are managing and then work again for another hour.

We connect online and split into groups. We then go through our previous weekly goals and discuss the wins and challenges around them and then we set our goals up for the following week.

We randomly pair up our Mastermind attendees and you can expect to be partnered up with an interesting remote worker from around the world who will become a close friend that makes sure you stay on track and move towards a more balanced lifestyle. 

Generally, yes. If you’re not a remote worker already, you need to be thinking of transitioning into the remote work lifestyle to be able to join. 

Yes, only members of the Mastermind will have access to the Facebook group. 

Yes, I will be on the Facebook group and you can ask me anything. I will also be running all our online sessions so we will definitely get to know each other really well

Still not sure if this is for you?

You should join if:

✔️ You work for a company remotely and you need community, structure, and balance in your life ✔️ You’re starting your remote work journey and need support and guidance ✔️ You’re a freelancer and need better balance and a strong community network to hold you accountable ✔️You’re an online entrepreneur and you never have time for yourself as you’re overworked and there is never enough time

You shouldn't join if:

❌ You normally have a 9-5 office job and you’re happy with that ❌ You have no intention of working remotely ❌ You’re a remote worker and already have the perfect work/life balance ❌ You’re not into sharing and joining a community of like-minded people ❌ You feel you don’t need any personal growth ❌ You just want a network of people to sell your product to

"For those of you who are ready to change the way you work, find balance and join an awesome community - I can't wait to see you in the Mastermind 🙌"

Andrae Smith - Founder of Work Wanderers

Only 20 spots available on this Mastermind - join with this exclusve offer of $397 once-off

Value: $2997