Upcoming coliving/coworking retreats for digital nomads in locations around the world

Why Wander With Us?

Join the wandering community and work remotely in your destination of choice. Travel and explore places you have dreamed of and make lifelong friends. With top co-working spaces and an immersion of culture, we make this an experience that will stay with you always.

Epic Community

Not only will you build a network of like-minded individuals, but you'll make lifelong friends from all over the world.

Masterminds & Skillshares

We host weekly masterminds and skillshares that encourage collaboration, learning and networking to help you grow your awesome skillset.

All logistics sorted

We set you up in a private villa or apartments, pick you up from the airport, fast WIFI, local SIM and more! On most retreats we also include coworking space access.

Early 2021 Retreats

Our early 2021 retreats have been launched and you can apply to join them right now. Don't miss our presale deals to get the best price and secure your spot!

Late 2021 Retreats

Apply now to be put on the waiting list for these retreats. As soon as they are launched you will be sent the info pack and get first access to securing your spot on the retreat. Limited spots available so apply now to be first in line

Speak to one of our Retreat Coordinators for more info

What's included?

✓ Accommodation in a villa ✓ Suitable work space ✓ Masterminds & Skillshares ✓ Volunteering opportunities ✓ Group excursions ✓ Calendar of events ✓ Welcome dinner ✓ Airport pickup ✓ Local SIM

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How to join?

Apply to join

If you are a remote worker, decide which retreat to join and head to our APPLY page to submit your application to join.

Application review

We'll review your application and ensure you fit the profile of a remote worker. We'll be in touch and you can ask us any questions you may have.

Secure your spot

You're in! It's now time to secure your spot on the retreat and make your booking. Your retreat coordinator will link you to the retreat and you can proceed to booking.

From our Wanderers

Tbilisi Retreat

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Bansko Retreat

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