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Why come Wander with us?

We believe in bringing like-minded people together from all over the world to grow our community and learn from each other. Andrae, our founder, leads all the retreats and ensures everyone has the best time possible while remaining productive and giving back to the local communities. We are like family, and respect each other's work ethic, making sure you make the retreat yours and achieve the goals you set for it. Join us on an adventure you will always cherish and make friendships we are sure will last long past our three weeks together.

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The Wandering Community

Once you join a retreat, you're part of the family forever

Julia (Sweden)

Lifestyle coach
"What an amazing experience. Stayed in a dreamy luxury villa, went on awesome excursions all throughout Bali, boosted my productivity and made friends for life"

Jacob (UK)

Software Engineer
"The team were fantastic at putting together excursions, master classes and handling all of the nuances of being remote. I really reccomend everyone to take part in this!"

Marriane (Canada)

Content Creator
"The retreat created the separation between work life and personal life that I needed for many years. This experience truly changed my life, thank you for everything."

Chris (UK)

Web Developer
"This retreat surpassed my expectations, I’ve made some great connections and friends and hopefully will be seeing the Wor kWanderers team again soon."

Megan (Canada)

Brand strategist
"The focus on quality was clear from the start. We stayed in a luxurious villa, took part in epic excursions and worked out of the top coworking space in the area."

Cindy (Australia)

Business Developer
"If there were six stars I’d give more! The retreat was next level organised, social, fun with so much focus on each of us getting to work on our own businesses and discuss our goals and sharing great ways to get there."

Anh (Vietnam)

Operations Manager
"We stayed at an incredible house and I met some amazing remote workers/digital nomads/solopreneurs The activities were very on point, fun & helpful. Price-quality is unbeatable."

Gal (Canada)

"The retreat helped me connect to a ton of other digital nomads, work together and at the same time visit the beautiful island of Bali. I would definitely be back and join in thefuture."

Christa (US)

Marketing Manager
"I really can’t recommend traveling with @workwanderers enough if you are a digital nomad! It’s an amazing experience and the connections you’ll make on it will last for much, much longer than the month you’ll be on it."

Kat (US)

Operations Manager
" I will DEFINITELY be going on another Work Wanderers retreat this year, and I would highly recommend this experience to all remote workers who are trying to balance travel, working, and making life long connections."

Soufiane (France)

Software Developer
" I met great people, now friends, and surprisingly I also learnt a lot about myself and what I want to do in the future. If you're keen to spend time with other knowledgeable people that live like you then it's the perfect spot."

Maria (Australia)

"The skill-sharing was invaluable and the masterclasses were first class. I can't recommend it enough! so well thought out, and extremely well organised down to the last detail, local sims, bus passes, airport pickups and local knowledge."

Henk (South Africa)

"The entire set up is top quality, with amazing facilities, workshops, networking and social events. It's the perfect balance for any digital nomad, entrepreneur, adventurer, basically for anyone wanting to travel and work."

Chelsea (Australia)

Web Designer
"Getting to co-live and work with other digital nomads was such an inspirational and motivating experience, and one that I will never forget. I was able to make lifelong friendships & experience some of the best things Cape Town has to offer.

Anh (Switzerland)

Lifestyle coach
" Both the leisure activities and the professional ones were wonderful. As entrepreneurs and digital nomads, we had the opportunity to share our skills and to learn from each other’s in meaningful ways. Thank you very much!"
"Great moments shared during this retreat, I recommend Work Wanderers in Cape Town! Andrea is very welcoming and we make magical knowledge!"
Gen (Switzerland)
Admin assistent
"Best thing I could've done was join Work Wanderers... would never have been able to effortlessly balance productivity with travel if it weren't for them. It provided structure to work hard and play hard. Highly recommend...well organised, great accommodation."
Suna (South Africa)
I joined the Retreat in Cape Town and will never forget this great experience. To spend time with people, which have the same mindset and are open-minded, is rare but very valuable and lets you grow. The team of Work Wanderers knows what they are doing and how to launch a successful retreat.
Constantin (Germany)
Business Development

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