Coliving & Coworking Retreat for Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

24/7 support 9 Sep - 6 Oct 2019 10+ People


Location: Budapest, Hungary Duration: 1 Month Cost: 1 Month: $2500 USD Upcoming Retreat Dates: 9 September - 6 October

Welcome to Bohemia

Fall in love with the city called the Paris of the East. Beautiful architecture fills it's historic streets which you can wander endlessly and never get tired. Stay in a magnificent apartment with fellow coworkers in the hub of the city. During the day work from home, at a cafe or at the co-working space you will have 24/7 access to. We make it our mission to ensure you have the best remote working experience and include epic group activities to orientate yourself in this beautiful city as well as networking meetups to share ideas and grow your remote community. Experience this magical city with us and embark on an unforgettable experience.

What's Included

Airport Pickup

We'll happily be waiting for you at the airport, ready to help you start your unforgettable journey.

Local SIM Card

We get you connected right away so that you are able to continue all communications without fault. We also provide you with 1GB data already loaded.

Luxurious Accomodation

Feel at home straight away in a private villa or apartment. We really do look for the best places tp stay to make your living environment as comfortable and exclusive as possible.

Access to Co-Working Space

Get to work at your leisure with free access to a centrally located co-working space with high-speed internet, filled with like-minded individuals.

Networking Events

We organise weekly meetups with your fellow wanderers. From showcasing your unique career to listening toa panel of creatives in the local area, you will grow your circle.

Group Excursions

We offer a welcome dinner/party for our wanderers as well as include 2 full-day group excursions within the month. Get excited and ready to explore!

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Budapest Highlights

Here are a few highlights of things to do in Budapest.

Hot thermal baths

Ever since the Romans settled here in the 1st century AD, locals have enjoyed the steaming, mineral rich thermal water that's gushing from beneath Budapest's surface. Soak it up and relax in the hot water and why not get a massage while you're there?

Ruin bars

Ruin bars have become a hot attraction in Budapest and are some of the most unique and eclectic nightlife experiences. Bars are built in Budapest’s old District VII neighborhood (the old Jewish quarter) in the ruins of abandoned buildings, stores, or lots.iences you can find and are decorated with art and recycled materials.

Historic monuments

Walk across the chain bridge and take the vernacular up to Buda castle and take a stroll along the hill to the famous Fisherman's Bastions. Book a show at the majestic Hungarian State Opera or cruise down the Danube at night and get the most spectacular view of the Parliament building.

Humgarian cuisine

Enjoy traditional, wholesome Goulash soup and their speciality, Langos, a deep-fried dough with tons of delicious toppings like cheese and sour cream. Start of the night with a shot of Palinka, a Hungarian fruit brandy.

Epic Accommodation

Private serviced apartments in central Budapest.


Choose the option that suits your needs the best. We offer retreats from 1-3 months in this location.

1 month
  • Airport pickup
  • Local SIM card
  • Private room
  • Co-working space
  • Welcome dinner
  • Networking events
  • 2 full-day group activities

Bring your friend/partner for free

Split the cost with your partner or friend when you bring them along for free! They will need to share your room & take part in group activities. They will receive the entire retreat offering except for access to the co-working space which can be added on as an extra. Please note, all partners & friends will need to be vetted by the retreat coordinator.  

Day in the life of a Wanderer

Your time is yours and we leave you to determine your own schedule. Here is an example of how days may be spent.

8:00 AM - Breakfast on the terrace
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so eat up & enjoy the views with coffee in hand.
8:30 AM - Check emails & admin
Get through all your important emails and make sure everything is on track. Plan your day ahead in terms of deadlines and get organised.
11:00 AM - Stroll along the Danube
Take a break and go for a stroll by the riverside and take in the surrounding architecture filled with music by street violinists.
1:00 PM - Hit the Co-working space
Time to get to the grind. Get a coffee after and hour or two with some co-workers. Work at your own pace, in a quiet environment with high-speed internet.
6:00 PM - Take a break
Head back and make a home-cooked dinner or hit a ruin bar for some after work drinks.

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