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Your Digital Nomad Journey Starts Now

Our 1:1 personalised coaching program takes you from the 9-5 office cubicle to sitting at a cafe in Bali, sipping a smoothie and getting your remote work done like a boss. Hey, I'm Andrae, the founder of Work Wanderers. I've gone from working in a large corporate, to negotiating remote work contracts and then to quitting my job and building my online business from scratch - and YOU CAN TOO! I will get you started on your digital nomad journey and help you create a lifestyle that is purpose-driven, profitable and balanced.


Sound familiar?

💼 You're sick of the 9-5 office job and want more freedom 💻 You want to build something of your own 🙌 You want to be in control of your day and be the CEO of your own life 🏡 You don't want to live by societal norms and want to design your own lifestyle 🌴 You want to travel the world now not when you're 65

There's never been a better time to go remote

Becoming location independent and working remotely allows you to: Work anytime from your laptop, you are in control Make money online and create passive income streams You decide when you take a holiday or coffee breaks, not some boss Tick off all the places you want to see in the world and travel freely Join a community of intelligent go-getters who value themselves and love learning from others

While traveling the world and working remotely sounds like the ideal lifestyle, it can be really hard to jump into without the right guidance, advice and community to support you.

3-month personalised coaching program for aspiring digital nomads who are ready to leave the 9-5 office cubicle and start designing a lifestyle they love.

It's the fast track to becoming a remote worker, freelancer or online entrepreneur and creating an action plan to start your digital nomad journey

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What's included in the Program?

✅ Current career review & analysis ✅ Monthly Private coaching calls ✅ Monthly Group coaching calls ✅ Digital Nomad Bootcamp ✅ Comprehensive workbooks ✅ Actionable takeaways per session ✅ Group Goal setting sessions ✅ Freelancer Starter Kit ✅ Online group coworking sessions ✅ Access to private Facebook group

Is this program right for you?

Let's get real for a sec. Quitting your 9-5 job is going to take some guts. This lifestyle offers extreme freedom and flexibility but is sure as hell not a stable one. It also takes hard work to build a remote career and committment. You need to WANT to travel, you need to WANT to work online and you need to WANT freedom. If you're still reading this and I haven't scared you away yet, YOU ARE the right type of person to take on the digital nomad lifestyle, and I'm going to help you get there fast!

Career, Online Business & Digital Nomad Coaching all rolled into one transformational program

Here's what's inside

Access the 3-month personalised coaching program Get Monthly 60-min intensive private coaching calls with Andrae to guide you on your digital nomad journey and create a solid action plan to build a successful remote career. Includes: In depth review & analysis of current situation, comprehensive workbooks and weekly assignments ($3997 Value)

Monthly Group Coaching sessions Andrae will answer all your questions in this group coaching session. Whether it be how to do your social medi or get new clients as a freelancer, she will give you personalised advice AND you get to learn from everyone else's questions. ($1500 value)

Monthly group goal-setting sessions with Andrae Live intention and goal-setting sessions once a month to help you set out your priorities and actionable tasks. ($1500 Value)

Monthly co-working sessions Live session where we get work done to further our goals of becoming digital nomads. Also a great way to connect with like-minded people. ($600 value)

And wait, there's more Get these BONUSES below

Freelancer Starter Kit We put together all the templates and checklists you need to set up your online freelance biz from scratch. PLUS there are 2 mini courses included. ($97 Value)

8-Module Online Course – Become A Digital Nomad Bootcamp 

Just released an 8-module online course to help you transition from the 9-5 and build you dream remote career.

View full course here.

($297 Value)

Private VIP Facebook group access 24/7 access to a group of like-minded aspiring nomads where you can ask questions, share wins and get extra support! TOTAL VALUE: $9 394

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They took the next step and so can you!

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Andrae is an amazing mentor, always humble and ready to help on any query I had. In our initial coaching session, with her help I managed to create a 3 month workflow of what to work on during the program. Her timely tips and advice on how to work through those 3 months and plan for future ahead. This blew my mind because I always had these thoughts in my mind and she helped put them down on paper to make the concrete enough to work on.

–  Aman

“If you want to find out how to become a digital nomad no matter what skills you have, you should join the Digital Nomad Accelerator Program. Andrae has lots of knowledge in the field of digital nomad and presents you all the ways in which you can become a digital nomad. Once you decide for one way Andrae helps you taking all the needed steps by breaking them down and helping you take action. She checks in regularly with you and answers all questions you have along the way. She is an expert in her field and also warm hearted, kind, helpful and realistic with you. Andrae always made me feel good after our calls.”

–  Nancy

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Still wondering if it's a good fit?

You've been mulling over this digital nomad thing for a while and wondering if it's even possible. Maybe those people on Instagram have some secret to how they travel the world, it just seems so easy but you know it's not. You're scouring the internet, reading blog articles, watching Youtube videos and trying to get free resources to get you started but it's overwhelming, unorganised and frankly not getting you anywhere. What's the solution? Just give up or never start? You know you need a change and you're sick of this mundane life. You're ready for a challenge and ready to take on the world.

You need a way to get working remotely and start travelling the world but you just feel a bit stuck

Well, I'm here to get you unstuck

A journey worth taking...

I worked for a corporate company (a bank of all places), wore heels everyday and sat in endless business meetings discussing strategies and campaigns that would take months to be approved. Then I quit to travel. After raking up a hefty credit card bill I got a job at a eCommerce company and got underpaid, micromanaged and only 15 days leave a year. I quit to travel. Got a huge credit card bill. Got another job (seeing a trend here...) Enter the term 'digital nomad' in my vocabulary. I negotiated a contract to work and travel remotely but it wasn't permenant, so I quit my job, took my $2000 in savings and built the business of my dreams centered around the digital nomad lifestyle. I also built a freelance portfolio #sidehustle I decided to change my lifestyle AND YOU CAN TOO! It's time to take the next step Sign up below and get ready for a transformational 3 months


All you need to do to join is enrol here before spaces run out. We will be taking 15 aspiring digital nomads in next intake. Enrol here now. 

The next intake for the program starts 15 February 2022 to get you into your new lifestyle in the new year. In the meantime, you will get instant access to the 8-module online course which you can start immediately. 

Anyone who wants to build a remote career as a remote worker, freelancer or online entrepreneur AND who wants to become a digital nomad, where they travel the world while working remotely. 

No problem! Andrae will guide you on the best remote career path, looking at your aptitudes, past skills and future growth opportunities. Many people that join our program have limited online skills and build fully online careers. 

The normal cost of the program is $797 which is already a steal for a private coaching program. If you enroll befoe the 11 Feb 2022 you will receive a Fast Action Bonus and get the program at the Beta price – saving $300. Use code BETA at checkout – while spots last. 

Enroll here now. 

Our “Become a Digital Nomad Bootcamp” is an 8-module online course that will take you from feeling stuck to building your dream remote career and planning your ideal digital nomad trip. You get instant access and will have it for LIFE.

Here is the outline: 

  • Prepping to become a digital nomad 
  • 4 Step formula for becoming a Freelancer
  • How to land the ideal remote job
  • How to build a SUCCESSFUL online business
  • Create passive income streams that make you money while you sleep
  • How to create a digital nomad mindset
  • Build your dream travel itinerary
  • How to find community as a digital nomad 

View full course content here.

As this is a private coaching program focused on seeing results, you will get the support and guidance needed to change your lifestyle, build your online biz, get clients and embark on becoming a digital nomad. It will help you get unstuck, hold you accountable, and give you real-life actionable tasks to help you make progress and get closer to your ideal lifestyle. 

I will review your current situation, advise on next steps, we will work on an action plan together and then set out to reach goals and milestones each month. 

Get prepared to see some real transformation, put in the work and ultimately build a lifestyle where you are able to work online and travel the world. 

Yes. For each option there are payment plans. If going for this option you will pay 3 monthly instalments. 

The full program monthly instalment is $299. 

It's time to make the commitment to change your lifestyle

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