Coliving / coworking retreat for digital nomads 8-31 May 2020


Location: Tbilisi, Georgia Duration: 3 weeks Cost: $1150 - $1450 Upcoming Retreat Dates: 9-31 May

Work & live in Tbilisi with a group of digital nomads

Join remote workers, freelancers & entrepreneurs from around the world and live & work together in Tbilisi for 3 weeks. Explore this eclectic city with like-minded individuals, while learning from each other. Start or continue your digital nomad journey and become a part of our growing Wandering community. Tbilisi is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is nestled between Eastern Europe & the Middle East/Central Asia. It is a fusion of different cultures, art, and history from throughout the ages. It is also known for its diverse foods, outdoor markets and excellent wine. Let's explore this city together!

Is this retreat for me?

If you're able to work independently of location, you are eligible to join a retreat. We generally get entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers joining of all ages.

Communal living




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What's Included?

Private & shared accommodation

We have secured two & three bedroom apartments in a modern building close to the city center. There are private double bedrooms and shared twin bedrooms to suit your budget. All apartments have fully equipped kitchens, modern bathrooms, WIFI and balconies. We will also organize weekly communal cooking nights.

Access to Co-Working Space

Get to work at your leisure with free access to a centrally located co-working space with high-speed internet, filled with like-minded individuals. There will also be numerous events hosted by the space that you can take part in.

Networking & Skillshares

We organise weekly meetups with your fellow Wanderers. From skillshares, masterclasses to workshops, you can expect to learn a lot throughout the retreat and hopefully grow your skill-set, not to mention meet and network with like-minded people.

Dedicated Retreat Coordinator

Say hello to your new bestie! Your retreat will be facilitated by a dedicated coordinator who will lead group activities and networking events throughout the period. They will be able to assist you with any issues you have and are there to support you.

Group Activities

We will have a calendar of social activities for the retreat period that you can participate in. These will include a welcome dinner, walking tour, wine tour as well as many peer organized daily activities.

Airport Pickup

We make sure you get straight to our accommodation after a long flight so you can feel secure and know you don't need to worry when arriving.


Our Bansko retreat is 3 weeks long. Choose the right option for you.

9-31 May 2020
  • Twin bed in shared bedroom
  • Co-working space access
  • Masterclasses & Skillshares
  • Calendar of Social Activities
  • Welcome dinner
  • Walking tour
  • Wine tour
  • Dedicated Retreat Coordinator
  • Airport pickup
9-31 May 2020
  • Private double room with shared bath
  • Co-working space access
  • Masterclasses & Skillshares
  • Calendar of Social Activities
  • Welcome dinner
  • Walking tour
  • Wine tour
  • Dedicated Retreat Coordinator
  • Airport pickup

Bring your friend/partner for free

Split the cost with your partner or friend when you bring them along for free! They will need to share your room & take part in group activities. They will receive the entire retreat offering except for access to the co-working space which can be added on as an extra. Please note, all partners & friends will need to be vetted by the retreat coordinator.  This applies when booking a Private room.

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Where do I stay?

We will be staying in a 2/3 bedroom apartments near the city center of Tbilisi

Where do I work?

Work in a coworking space with like-minded individuals in a central location. With high speed internet & a dedicated workspace, we know you will be super productive.

What to do in Tbilisi?

Here are a few highlights of things to do in Bansko.

Explore the Old Town

Georgia’s capital is one of the oldest cities in Europe and it boasts lots of historical sights. Ruled by various Middle-Eastern powers of the middle centuries, and later on by the Russian Empire, the city still hides traces of those eras in its backstreets.

Eat exotic food

With a city full of food from all over the world, it's still great to try all the local meals as much as you can. Make sure to try Khinkali, the meat dumplings, Khachapuri, a cheese pie, Georgian kebab, and vegetables in walnut sauce.

Go market hopping

When walking down the streets of the city, you will notice small and big markets, stalls pretty much in every corner. Vegetables, fruits, souvenirs, and household stuff are all sold by farmers or second-hand dealers.

Admireall the Art Nouveau

The city is filled with beautifully painted entrance hallways of old building from the 19th Century, influenced by Art Nouveau and stylized Medieval Georgian architectural decoration.

Day in the life of a Wanderer

Your time is yours and we leave you to determine your own schedule. Here is an example of how days may be spent.

8:30 AM - Check emails & admin
Get through all your important emails and make sure everything is on track. Plan your day ahead in terms of deadlines and get organised.
11:00 AM - Morning stroll through town
Take a break and go for a stroll through Old Town and grab a coffee.
1:00 PM - Hit the Co-working space
Work at your own pace, in a quiet environment with high-speed internet.
6:00 PM - Take a break
Head back home and make a home-cooked dinner or hit the local bar for some after work drinks.

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